Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Foodbuzz Blogger Festival Wrapup

I got to attend the FoodBuzz Food Blogger Festival this last weekend and it was a lot of fun! I'll keep it brief, since this probably isn't very interesting to people who weren't there, but a weekend full of free drink, food, and cooking schwag, not to mention 249 other people dedicated to seeking out yumminess? I'm not sure how you could go wrong.

My favorite part was the Street Food Fair at the Ferry Plaza. The organizers gathered some of SF's tastiest treats in one place, and all the food/booze was free. (Did I mention Hog Island had an oyster bar there? It was like something out of a dream.) It was also great to meet so many talented and inspiring food bloggers, many of whom I've been following online. The weekend wrapped up with a tasty meal (highlights were the beef cheeks and matsuke risotto) provided by Chef Dennis Lee of Namu and served in the Greenleaf Produce warehouse. It was officially the first meal I've had in Bayview.

Thanks to the folks at FoodBuzz for putting together such a fabulous event!


  1. It was great meeting you and sharing the meal with you gals! =)

  2. yes, it was great meeting you too. fun weekend!


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